A Girl in the Himalayas – Interviews

Jul 17 2018

Comiccon.com by Hannah Means-Shannon

Hannah Means-Shannon: Our young girl, Vijaya, has been through some terrible experiences and yet she remains open and hopeful about her future. Is this simply because she’s a resilient young child, or do you think she has qualities that make her unique among human beings?

Vignolli: What makes Vijaya resilient is the fact that she experienced a lot of love from her parents and Prasad. The certainty of being loved helped her to overcome traumatic experiences.

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Westfield Comics by Roger Ash

Roger Ash: How did you come up with the story of A Girl in the Himalayas?

Vignolli: A few years ago I finally got the chance to visit the Himalayas. One day me and my wife wanted to visit a temple half a day climb from the place where we were staying. We started our journey a bit late and the climb took us longer than expected. While we were climbing what was at times dangerously steep terrain, I realized how insignificant one human life is in the face of those majestic mountains. Nature is a tough and merciless teacher, she teaches us how to be alert and focused for example. A moment of distraction and we could fall off the cliff. But at the same time she is caring and comforting.

I imagined how a small girl who got lost in the mountains would feel and what kind of adventures she could have. A Girl in the Himalayas for me is a story of empowerment about a girl who wants to find her place in a world full of challenges and danger.

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A Girl in the Himalayas – now in stores

Apr 27 2018

Publishing my first graphic novel

Feb 27 2018

Hello! My name is David Jesus Vignolli. I’m a writer and illustrator who will publish his first graphic novel, “A Girl in the Himalayas,” in April this year.

I want to share some of my creative process with you together with my experience with storytelling.

Life as a storyteller

I work as a Creative Director of a company which tells stories in images. So, you could say that telling my client´s stories is my daily bread, but publishing a graphic novel is the opportunity to tell my own stories.

I started the project, ‘A Girl in the Himalayas,’ two years ago, not knowing whether or not it would ever attract a publisher. I looked into options for self-publishing, but nothing seemed to be the ideal solution. In fact, the idea of ​​having boxes scattered around the room sounded quite terrifying.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in writing a graphic novel is finding the time, as one needs lots and lots of it! Having my own business in London gave me some space to manoeuvre and I dedicated three full months of my life to drawing and colouring the first 84 pages.

I remember reading ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King, where he suggests completing the first version of the book as soon as possible, before we, as authors, become changed by our every flowing lives which transforms us into different people from we were when we started to write.


Finding my publisher

I took this advice to heart and after three intense months the first version was ready. I sent the project to an American publisher, Archaia, whose website accepts submissions. After six months of waiting I finally received an answer, and to my delight it was a very positive one.

Archaia evaluated the material and I started working with two amazing editors: Sierra Hahn and Cameron Chittock. It’s important to choose a publisher whose works you admire. The publishing process is a partnership with editors and in my case, I could not have found better ones. Their vision for the book exactly matched mine.

The editors asked questions about the story and proposed ideas to maximise the potential of the graphic novel. As a result, their comments improved the story and I ended up adding 90 more pages.

You will have the opportunity to see the result of all this effort in April. 😉

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